06 December 2008

we all bellow hello

Sometimes it helps to shout out into the trouble + see what comes back. I've been feeling pretty isolated + messy. The messiness might kick around a little while longer, but my sense of acute isolation has lessened. Thank you so much to all my beautiful friends who've written or called. It makes a huge difference to know that you're there, even though I wish you were RIGHT HERE!

Last night I got to see Kristy for some real live cuddles + company. She's in town for a spunky new librarians' conference + we hung out after her cocktail soiree. Actually she snuck me into the tail-end of the cocktail soiree for a weird window into a world that could have been. Then we moved on to the Shanghai Dumpling Restaurant for feasting + talking. Six months to catch up on. So so good to see her.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna need me one of those cuddles girl if you can't go to the Shadster's love ceremony...sob sob sob...although art camp is a pretty good excuse.


atomicblondie said...

I'm working on it Tones. Fingers firmly crossed for a flying visit on the Fri/Sat. I have to depart Canberra early on Sun, so may *just* be able to squeeze it in... dependent on transport, work, the general state of my life!

When will you and Moll be around?

Anonymous said...

Sounds the same as us ....
Well we booked a flight ages ago that gets to Sydney on Sat at 11:30 cause it is Audrey's christening on the Sunday in Newtown so I think I'm going to hire a car hoon on down there and hopefully make it by 4:30. I'm still deciding whether to camp the night and leave in the morning but to make it to Sydney by 10 will mean a very early rise...hmm with a 3 year old and a tent to pack up I'm not sure...or the other option is to leave at 8 or 9 Sat night but Shady's description of the road has totally freaked me out so do I want to drive that road in the dark...it is a dilemma but we shall be there!

Kristy said...

and it was AMAZING to see you!!! Even better, this weekend we get to shake our groove thing(s) together at Carolyn's birthday.... the Fast Falling Fortunes bill themselves at the 'blackest white boy band around' or some such description, and its sure to be great!


crybaby said...

here is something to take your mind off your troubles:

Mat got hit by a car.

S x x x x x x x x

PS. He is ok