21 December 2006

happy holidays y’all!

Atomic Blondie has been thin on the ground of late, but as no indication of things to come. I’ve enjoyed my little foray into cyber-communication this year + intend to continue with added commitment, creativity + regularity! (Maybe a set of steak knives thrown in.)

For now, this photo explains my state, + my need for rest + rejuvenation. Weeze + I jet off to Tasvegas on Sunday + I plan to stay far far away from computers for the next 2½ weeks. Yay for screen-free down-time!

I was writing my Nana’s chrimbo letter on the weekend, + reflecting on the year gone by, as you do. It’s been a big one for me. Loads + loads of highlights, a couple of lowlights, but most importantly a truckload of beautiful people to keep me company, celebrate with me + steer me through the obstacles. At the risk of sounding like an overblown Oscars speech… thanks for your friendship + support in 2006. How lucky am I? Pretty bloody lucky I reckon.

16 December 2006

pups of christmases past

I remember…
my dog Peanut
beautiful, beautiful girl

I remember the way you thrust your head between people’s legs when you wanted attention, going straight for the goolies! The way you rested your chin in my lap + snored. A gentle communication of satisfaction. A lovely peaceful sound.

I remember how proud you were when Mewi + Steve brought that Harley Davidson jacket back from China. You strutted around my birthday party like a model on the catwalk, drinking in the attention. We didn’t take a single photo + that makes me sad. But we couldn't have known that we wouldn’t have that chance again.

I remember honey coloured fur, white ruff reaching almost around your neck like a jagged semi-circle. Such unusual markings. Four white paws + a white tip to your tail. Deep black muzzle. The most gorgeous deep dark eyes. Your pink piggy belly always always made me smile. That’ll do, Pig, that’ll do.

I remember you sitting in the old outdoor chair at the earliest point of the morning, nose craned towards the first rays of sun, twitching, taking in the smells of the new day with the pot of lemongrass waving behind you. That big broad grin.

I remember your essential gentleness. How keen you were to make friends with everyone. Eager to please. A solid + stable companion + an endless source of joy in my life. You gave me so much friendship + made me laugh more times than I will ever remember. I love you.