15 November 2008


I'm stuck in front of the confuser on a Saturday night, writing another bloody job application. Meanwhile the fat horns, stomping percussion + ecstatic cheers of the Johnston Street Fiesta reverb off the walls from only a block away.

Please Universe, give me a job + bring back my dancin shoes.


Anonymous said...

hello petal
i am back at work now after my 2 weeks away... woke up though and can hardly move my neck... its the universe telling me to stay at home and be a full time artists me thinks... went on the "d" word with my ballroom dancer and had a lovely time after i got over the "HOLY F**K I"M ON A D**E!" thing, but will email with more news on that soon.
Just wanted to say hang in there... it will come to you... in the mean time put those shoes on and dance round the house if you need... and throw your hands in the air like you just don't care... go on be silly! I dare you : P
big love bw xxoo

atomicblondie said...

Thanks Birdsworth... you gorgeous thing! I'll be emailing you later tonight in order to:

a) respond in full
+ b) get the GOSS!

Woohoo for d**tes! xxx

Anonymous said...

You girls and your secret lingo...

Hey Claire did you check out the Spanish Festival. A girl I met at the Bello markets just sent me this link and I thought this looks cool and Claire is there. They run a crafty club or something.



Anonymous said...

Sorry Tone... I didn't think our secret lingo was all that sophisticated... nice to meet you anyways : )

looked up that blog you suggested to claire.. it rocks!

For Claire... will longingly await my email... i love a good juicy one to while away my work day

bw xoxo

atomicblondie said...

Oh yes, very cool site for a cool looking shop. I'll check it out on the weekend + report back! And I will make a proper return to blogging + friends + the lingo sometime SOON promise.

Love youse guys.